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08.03 - 23.03

TEG is Tirana's biggest gate for the newest trends in fashion and design. Alongside the international names of fashion, TEG brings also ART to all of us. TEG supports talented students, giving them a window to showcase their talent. The environment of the center transforms into a spontaneous art gallery, to promote young students , increasing their visibility.


The current exhibition is called "Layers" and is the work of the talented student Blerta Isufi. She has been selected as one of the most talented students of the University of the Arts to present an inspiring collection. The concept of the exhibition is based on tradition, divided into two separate crafts: pottery or ceramics, as well as shajak.


The young artist grew up and lives in the Mediterranean city of Kavaja, right next to the seaport of Durrës, known in ancient times as Epidamnos. Her upbringings are undoubtedly felt in the collection, where Isufi presents her work using a traditional technique, highly developed in Albania. As she herself explains, "I chose this technique because it is made from a natural material like clay, formed by mixing natural fibers. I associate the formation of vases from the land where I was born with the handmade nature of work, through a technique that I want to create myself".


TEG and the Mane Foundation have collaborated for the promotion of new talents and their academic and professional development.


You can visit “Layers”, placed at “Green entrance” untill 23rd of March.