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TEG brings the virtual jungle for children

20.04 - 06.05

If you can't go to the jungle, then the jungle comes to you. Thanks to technology, specifically Virtual Reality, today everyone can experience the emotions of a safari and jungle and enjoy some unforgettable moments full of adventure.

Tirana East Gate, as the gateway to all emotions, has created this opportunity for children by exclusively bringing the virtual jungle, VR Wild Nature. It can be visited from April 20th to May 6th, every day of the week and on weekends, from 12:00 to 20:00. This unique experience, the first of its kind in Albania, is free and open to everyone. Children will have the opportunity to explore the world of the most beautiful jungle and safari landscapes and collectively turn reality into a magical imaginary world. An adventure where young visitors will have the chance to connect with nature, feed a giraffe, run with a lion, pet a cheetah, or color a butterfly through interactive drawing, and then witness it come to life before their eyes and fly away. It's a unique educational and interactive exhibition where children will not only be amazed by the virtual jungle but will also actively participate in specially designed interactive games. Don't miss this unique experience and step into the magical world of virtual reality. The future is here. Come and enjoy!

Please note that, for the safety of your children during the VR Wild Nature game, the following are strictly prohibited:

• Parents staying within the game perimeter.

• Use of electronic cigarettes or vape devices.

• Consumption of food and drinks within the Wild Nature zone.

• Unaccompanied children by parents.

• Damaging decorative elements, tables, and chairs.

• Running within the Wild Nature zone (risk of injury).

• Moving tables and chairs within the Wild Nature zone.